Cismet GmbH (De)

cismet logocismet GmbH is a spin-off company of Environmental Informatics Group (EIG), Saarbrücken, Germany, one of the most prestigious R&D institutes in the field. EIG has one of the longest histories in the development of Environmental Information and Decision Support Systems around the world. cismet is specialised in the integration of complex heterogeneous information systems, information Architectures and large scale infrastructures in the context of Environmental Information Systems. cismet personnel have been involved in over 80 projects in the field of Enviromatics, including projects for the EU and the UN. They have also organised many conferences including IFIP's (International Federation for Information Processing) prestigious conference series ISESS (International Symposium on Environmental Software Systems, have been actively involved in scientific bodies like IFIP and others in responsible positions dealing with Environmental Informatics.

Relevant Experience

The most relevant projects include: Street3D - High Resolution 3D Calculation & Visualization of Air Pollutant Dispersion in Street Canyons - (ZIM AIF KF2013101SS8), SANY (FP6-033564) - Sensors Anywhere, ORCHESTRA (FP6-511678) - Open Architecture and Spatial Data Infrastructure for Risk Management, I-MARQ (FP5 IST-2001-34039) - Information System for Marine Aquatic Resource Quality, GIMMI (FP5 IST-2001-34245) - Geographical Information and Mathematical Models Inter-Operability, ISDS (German, Canadian and Australian government) - Integrated Spatial Decision Support, in collaboration with University of Guelph, Canada, National Water Resource Institute, Canada, University of Melbourne, Australia, WuNDa (City of Wuppertal) - Environmental and spatial planning information system for the city of Wuppertal, Germany, TEMSIS (FP4 Telematics 2C, EN1015) – Trans-national environmental information system for the area Saar-Loraine, ECCEI (C2001(EU), EU and Canadian government) - European Canadian Curriculum on Environmental Informatics, international curriculum project, Information System Integrated Monitoring (Austrian government) - Ecosystem monitoring in Austria, part of a UN program (UN/ECE-IMP), Austrian Ozone Network (Austrian government) - Implementation of an air quality meta network for Austria.

Role in the consortium

CIS will contribute to the project in the design and implementation of the reference Architecture and the system implementation, i.e.:

  • WP3: Specification, especially specification of the overall TaToo Framework and Architecture as well as Services and End User applications

Particular interest of CIS is in the area of integration of IR methods into existing SDIs and access control and service security. Through their close connection to Universities and CIS academic partners CIS is well linked in scientific networks on a world-wide level, CIS will also substantially contribute to dissemination of project results. cismet GmbH will exploit project results commercially.

Responsibilities in the project:

  • WP3 Leader
  • Contributions to WP2, WP3 and WP4
  • Validation Scenario 3 Steward