Telespazio (It)

Telespazio, a joint venture between Finmeccanica (67%) and Thales, is one of the world's leading operators in satellite management services, Earth observation and satellite navigation, as well as in the field of integrated communications and scientific programmes. The Rome-based company employs around 2,000 staff, and operates a network of four space centres and 25 sites spread all over the world. Notbly, these include the Fucino Space Centre, which has more than 90 operational antennas, and is the largest satellite telecommunications centre in the world for civil use.

Telespazio plays a leading role in the reference markets harnessing technological expreience acquired over the years and through its participation in major European spac CE programmes such as: Galileo, EGNOS, GMES and COSMO-SkyMed. The company is member of the Space Alliance between Finmeccanica and Thales.

Telespazio business areas are:

  • Satellite operations
  • Milsatcom
  • Integrated Communications
  • Earth Observation
  • Navigation and Infomobility
  • Scientific Programmes

Relevant Experience

The research and development activities play a fundamental part in maintaining our expertise in line with the state of the art, with the effect that Telespazio can bring a specialised, innovative offering to the market. The research group involved in TaToo is part of the User Segment Operations Group of the Satellite Systems & Applications Business Unit of the company. The following is a subset of initiatives Telespazio (since end of 2010 as Elsag Datamat - ED) has been/is involved with that are more related to the company role in TaToo project:

  • OASIS (FP6 – 004677, 2004 – 2008), Open Advanced System for dISaster and emergency management. ED was partner in the subprojects dedicated to the definition and implementation of Common Operation Environment and C3I Modules, respectively.
  • ORCHESTRA (FP6 – 511678, 2004 – 2008), Open Architecture and Spatial Data Infrastructure for Risk Management. ED was partner in the User Requirement and Risk Management Services sub-projects.
  • NextGrid (FP6 – 511563, 2004 – 2008), Development of architectural components leading to the emergence of the Next Generation Grid. ED was mostly involved in the design and development of Workflow ontology and related tools for dynamic (Grid) services composition.
  • BREIN (FP6 – 034556, 2006 – 2009), Business objective driven reliable and intelligent Grids for real business. ED was mainly involved in the activities of architectural design, implementation, and realisation of the BREIN framework.
  • GENESI-DR (FP7 – 212073, 2008 – 2010), Ground European Network for Earth Science Interoperations - Digital Repositories. Aim of the project is to build a federated collection of heterogeneous digital Earth Science repositories sharing access to their resources (catalogue functions, data access, processing services etc.) and adhering to a common set of standards/policies/interfaces. ED held the technical lead of the project and was involved in the activities of architectural design, implementation and integration of the GENESI-DR infrastructure services.
  • GENESI-DEC (FP7 - 261623, 2010 - 2012), Ground European Network for Earth Science Interoperations - Digital Earth Community. The project will establish open data and services access, allowing European and worldwide Digital Earth Communities to seamlessly access, produce and share data, information, products and knowledge. TPZ holds the technical lead of the project and is involved in the activities of architectural design, implementation and integration of the GENESI-DEC infrastructure services.

Role in the consortium

Telespazio will play the role of the Technical Manager (TM) in TaToo and will contribute to the project in the analysis of the requirements collected from the involved users/communities, to the design of the TaToo framework reference Architecture and to the implementation and integration of the related services and tools, i.e.:

  • WP2: Environment Analysis
  • WP3: Specification
  • WP4: Implementation

Interest of TPZ is mainly in the implementation and integration of services for emergency and risk management systems and SDIs, access and integration of meteorological and environmental data as well as in research on semantically enhanced service discovery and composition.

TPZ is well linked through the participation in other projects (e.g. GENESI-DR, EGEE) to standardisation bodies like Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and OGF (Open Grid Forum) and is therefore interested in dissemination activities in this direction as well as in networking with other related communities. TPZ will also exploit the project results commercially.

Responsibilities in the project:

Telespazio will:

  • Take care of the Technical Management of TaToo
  • Lead WP4
  • Contribute to WP2
  • Contribute to WP3