About TaToo


TaToo, which stands for “Tagging Tool based on a Semantic Discovery Framework”, is an FP7 Project sharing the vision of a Single European Information Space for Environment (SISE). It aims to enable experts as well as general users to share trusted and reliable information, but also to allow easy discovery of information which is already available.


The core of the project will focus on the development of tools allowing third parties to easily discover environmental resources (data and/or services residing on different information nodes) on the Web and to add valuable information in the form of semantic annotations to these resources, thus facilitating future usage and discovery, and kicking off a beneficial cycle of information enrichment.

The proposed TaToo framework will allow the integration of semantics, taking into account the challenges of different domain ontologies in a multi-domain and multilingual context. TaToo provides three complex and extensive validation scenarios and therefore foresees skilled or expert users as the primary target user group.


A hot issue in environmental modelling is the efficient discovery of high quality and meaningful information. Metainformation attached to current environmental data repositories have been collected, structured and stored in forms that are meant for human users. Yet, it is hard, if not impossible, to machine process such metainformation. As a result, significant human intervention is required for discovering environmental information: (a) The process of locating appropriate sources, querying and exploiting environmental data cannot be automated. (b) Human experts are required to undertake such tasks. Finally (c) the generation of metainformation, just for documenting existing data, turns out to be too heavy a burden for all kinds of users, and more so for data owners.

What is needed, is

a middleware infrastructure to fill the gap between environmental resources and end-users (discovery gap). This framework must facilitate the life-cycle of environmental information from its collection and persistent storage up to its discovery and purpose-oriented exploitation.

Therefore TaToo’s objective is to help close the discovery gap in the Single Environmental Information Space in Europe for the Environment by developing easy to use tools within a semantic framework for discovery and access to environmental resources in a multilingual and multi-domain context.


TaToo will provide a semantic framework for discovery and access to environmental resources in a multilingual and multi-domain context. Therefore, it will provide:

Tools for

  • Discovery of resources
  • Annotation of resources
  • Semantic Interpretation of resource annotations
  • Information Enhancement (Knowledge Base)

and Services (based on standards where possible) for

  • Integration and Processing of metainformation (e.g. semantic processor)
  • Storing / Archiving of TaToos (semantically enriched annotations)


The research leading to these results has received funding from the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement nr. 247893.


AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH, Austria

Atos Spain S.A., Spain

cismet GmbH, Germany

Telespazio, Italy

Istituto Dalle Molle di Studi sull'Intelligenza Artificiale, Switzerland

Masaryk University, Czech Republic

Joint Research Centre, Belgium

Project Coordinates

Project Start: 01.01.2010; Project End: 31.12.2012; Duration: 36 months

Total Budget: ~3.8 MEuro´; Total Funding: ~2,5 MEuro

Contact: DI. Gerald Schimak (Coordinator): gerald.schimak@ait.ac.at

Internet Site: www.tatoo-project.eu